Cake Decorating For Beginners – Review Of Yummy Arts

The website, Yummy Art, is a wonderful site if you are interested in learning how to do cake and cookie decorating. Would you like to learn how to create that perfect decorated cake for a special occasion? This site offers you a chance to share your tips and to learn from others through their experiences. The website does require you to register to be able to have full access to all the features. There is a small membership fee to access all the features.

Why do they charge a small fee for membership to this website? The website offers professional staff to answer your decorating questions, and on the site you can view numerous quality videos teaching you methods to decorate. Without the membership fee, the quality of products they now offer and the staff would not be nearly as good. With the membership, you have such a fabulous opportunity to learn more than ever before.

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Membership benefits include:

* Free Step-by-Step How to Videos will be added to your library every month.

* You get a full length video tip of the week.

* You have access to hundred’s of questions being answered by professionals.

* You have access to a photo gallery, where you can get numerous ideas for cake and cookie decorating.

* You get discount coupons to use in the store.

* Recipes as well as some recommended resources are available for members.

* There is a forum available for the members to share ideas and experiences with each other.

* Specials are offered to the members.

* The site offers a library for the members to use.

* Members have a 24/7 access for help with their decorating problems when they need them.

Being a member at Yummy Arts does have more benefits than you could ever think about. The videos will be enjoyable and entertaining to watch and learn from. They even show you the mistakes that the professional makes; which teaches you that even the best can make mistakes. Yummy Arts has a very high customer satisfaction rate on their website. The satisfaction of the customers shows us that there must be something good happening at Yummy Arts.

Click Here for more information on Yummy Arts.

Members get a chance to learn about new cake, cookie and candy products before anyone else even thinks about them. They also offer a weekly video newsletter to keep you on top of all the cake and cookie decorating around the world. They make membership so easy; they offer you a free thirty day trial membership and a free DVD just so you can see what you would be missing if you don’t invest in membership.

What a wonderful website for anybody who wants to learn how to be more creative with their cakes and cookies! It is an excellent resource for beginners as well as experienced decorators. Can you imagine just how many different occasions you can decorate special cookies or cakes for? With Yummy Arts website, you are able to find all kinds of ideas to help you create masterpieces for any occasion. They give you tips and articles to help you learn new ways to do new decorating.

The name of the website says it all, Yummy Arts. The food looks yummy enough to eat. The videos show you what kinds of decorating are possible with the right techniques which you will be given step by step directions for. Don’t lose out on the most valuable tool ever; get a membership in Yummy Arts. You won’t regret the decision to become a member of this site. You will become the creator of masterpieces in no time.

So are you ready to get started and learn how to create the most unique and beautiful creations ever? Or, do you have so much free time to waste trying to create these masterpieces all on your own through trial and error? Why not stop wasting time and get the best tool to help you learn how to decorate like a pro? All you need to do to get started is to click on the link for Yummy Arts at the bottom, and get registered to start making all those fabulous masterpieces for all of your special occasions.

Click Here for more information on Yummy Arts.


Fruit makes for an Easy Cake Decoration

One of the lovely things about making cakes is the vast array of natural produce that can be used to add colour, texture, flavour, aroma and moist or ‘juiciness’ as I like to call it….

Apple and Marron gateau


Here is my Apple and Marron cake – Marron being the french word for Sweet Chestnut. This is ideal as a dessert or as a slice of delight for a tea party. If there is any left, keep it covered with clingfilm and refrigerated and consume in 3 days.

It’s a very simple sponge cake split into three layers and sandwiched together with the sweet chestnut, double cream and diced apple mixture.

Prior to adding the diced apple, a portion of the straight mixture is kept behind to be used to coat the sides and top of the cake.

So for the top decoration you can see I’ve used thinly sliced apple pieces from 1 apple, that have been tossed in lemon juice to prevent them from going brown and filled the center with orange segments from 1 orange.

The skin and pith of the orange has been removed, this is easier than it sounds…you cut the top and bottom off the orange so that you reveal the orange without the white pith, you then cut from top to bottom, in sections the orange peel away from the fruit inside and as you do this you will effectively cut into the flesh of the orange. The taking a small knife, cut the flesh out of each individual skin segment. Do this over a bowl to catch all the juice as you release each segment. The fresher the fruit the more likely the segment will remain whole and not fall apart. You may want to have an extra orange spare, in case you don’t get enough whole segments to make the fan pattern on the top of the cake.

To decorate the sides, I spread the plain marron and double cream mixture up the sides of the cake and then, pressed finely chopped walnut pieces in to the spread, to create the nutty taste and texture.

With the remaining whipped double cream and plain marron mix, I then piped little rosettes in between the apple pieces and to completely finish off and add a protective coating, sheen and sweetness to the fruit topping glazed it with melted apricot jam, thinned down with a little water…. et voila Apple and Marron cake.


Making Rainbow CupCakes

Being creative with cake mix is no different to being creative in painting. I like colour and seeing what happens when you mix it together….Rainbows always bring me a smile, there is something about seeing the colours in a grey sky, so when I saw this recipe for Rainbow CupCakes I figured these would lift any day with the surprise of colour as you bite into them….Enjoy the video




8 Cake Decorating steps in making Lightening McQueen

My son, Axel has just had his 10th Birthday and the other night we watched the movie Cars all over again…I love animated films so it was a great opportunity to take some time out of my work schedule and cuddle up on the sofa with my boy.

I doubt any mother with a son hasn’t heard of Lightening McQueen, the Rookey race car desperate to win the Piston cup and hasn’t at some stage been asked if they can make or buy a birthday cake like Lightening McQueen….

I was certainly one of those mothers and as I like being creative and frankly haven’t experienced a shop bought birthday cake that I’ve ever liked, I set out to make my version of Lightening…here’s my attempt…


This creation took me about 4 days to put together and here are 8 cake decorating steps in making him:

  1. Find a good picture of McQueen or use your son’s toy car as a model to refer to.
  2. Make 3 x 8″ square Maderia sponge cakes (or buy them if you wish)
  3. Make up 2 x 1Kg batches of sugar paste molding icing. Colour 1 using Sugar Flare Red paste colouring, split the     other 1 Kg log so that 1/3rd is coloured black, another 1/3rd orange and leave one white. Make the icing up in advance, wrap each piece in clingfilm and a food grade, air tight bag. Providing you cover it well the icing will keep for up to 3 months. Whilst it will go hard, when you are ready, a quick zap in the microwave will soften it up sufficiently to be able to kneed it and roll out. You will find the colour also enhances having left it a little while.
  4. Look at the model car or picture and visualize the basic shapes that make up the car, for example the base is a rectangle, the top is a wedge, the tail fin is another wedge….cut these shapes out of the cake and position them to get the basic look.
  5. With the left over cake pieces you can blitz these is a food mixer, combine with brown sugar, honey, ground almonds, orange juice and mixed spice and pull it altogether to make an mold-able cake mix. This can be used to create the contours, fill in gaps, take away sharp angles. I used it to also make the chunky wheels.  And it’s all edible leaving no waste….
  6. Now you’ve got the shape, roll out the Red icing to about 5mm thickness, try to be fairly quick as the air will start to dry it out…use a silicon rolling pin to minimise sticking and to help you pick the flattened icing and put over the cake. Gently push the icing around the contours creating definition for the windows, doors etc.
  7. Use the other coloured icing to create the stickers on the bonnet and side, the windscreen and mouth.
  8. I used silver coloured icing powder, mixed it with a little rejuventating fluid (all purchased from sugar flare) and a little red powder to create the equivalent of liquid paint but for icing, and painted on the headlights and ‘Rusteze’ logo.

Et Voila !!

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Easter is nearly upon us, lent is coming to an end

Hi cake and sweet fans

Sorry it’s been a little while since I last posted…anyone who is a mum and working will know just how quickly time flies by….I happen to run a couple of other businesses and this really is my hobby……

It’s the last day of school down here in the Somerset area and the beginning of a two week Easter break and of course lent finished on 5th of April so those who have given up some sweetie things may well be ready for a little treat….

But before my gift recipe of the month, I’d like to share a 6 minute video of the parts my son, Axel and his two close mates played in the school play, which was themed around years gone by…..I think for 10 years old my son impersonates Elvis really well….but then I am his proud mum!!




Now for my GIFT…… Combe Down Candy Bars (A version of ‘millionaires shortbread’)

For the shortbread:

2oz Castor sugar

4oz Butter or Margarine (I prefer butter for it’s rich taste)

6oz Plain Flour

For the Candy:

4oz Butter or Margarine

4 oz Granulated sugar

Generous Squeeze of lemon juice

2 Tblsp Golden Syrup

3 Large Tblsp Condensed Milk

For the Chocolate topping:

8oz Milk or Plain or White good quality chocolate (I use a combination of 70% plain and white chocolate and create a marble effect for the top…nice combo)


Oven temperature needs to be 180 degrees C (350 F or gas Mark 4)

Put the plain flour in a large mixing bowl, cut the butter into approximately 1cm pieces and sprinkle on top of the flour. Ensure you have thoroughly cleaned your hands and nails and taken off any rings before you rub the butter into the flour until the mixture resembles fine bread crumbs.

Add the sugar and combine all the ingredients together until thoroughly mixed in and then place the shortbread mixture in a loose bottom 8″ square, 1″ high, greased non stick tin (if you don’t have one of these an 8″ Victoria sandwich tin will do the job, it’s just not all the pieces will look uniform when you cut them up……I never found this to be a problem as it doesn’t last long enough for anyone to notice!!

Evenly distribute the mixture around the tin and press it down, prick the base with a fork all over and place in the oven to bake for 30 minutes or until golden brown. Remove the shortbread from the oven and allow to cool.

Mean while, place all the Candy ingredients in a heavy based saucepan and bring to the boil, stirring all the time, until thick and golden brown. Initially the mixture will look pale and frothy and gradually turn a lovely golden brown…you will tell when it is the right consistency when you can draw a metal spoon through it and the candy begins to set on the back of the spoon, if you then take the spoon and allow a small drop of mixture to drop into a jug of cold water it should form a soft ball of light brown, toffee on contact.

Once the candy is ready pour it over the shortbread and leave to set, this will take about 1 hour or so.

When the candy is set, prepare the chocolate topping, you can either melt the chocolate in heat proof bowls over a pan of simmering water (this is the safest way not to burn chocolate) or you can quickly zap the chocolate in short burst, stirring in between each burst, in a microwave…you do have to be careful not to over do it.

Pour the melted chocolate over the candy and voila, leave to set….if you want to make the top more interesting pour plain and white chocolate in a spiral over the surface (you can either use a steady hand and pour from the bowl or place the chocolates in separate zip lock bags, snip one corner off and guide the liquid chocolate that way. Then use a cocktail stick or skewer and drag the white chocolate into the dark and vice versa, to get a marbled effect.

The chocolate will take a few hours to set, I usually cover the tin with cling film and place it in the fridge for about 60 minutes, you don’t want it too hard as you need to be able to cut it into about 1″ squares give or take a bit, depending on how much you want it to go around. I recommend using a large, heavy knife and cutting on a heavy duty cutting surface like a granite/marble board. Try not to leave the contents in the tin too long after it has set, otherwise when you come to cut  it, it will be hard and there will be a risk that your candy will fly off the edge of the board!

This is one of my favorite treats, definitely not for someone conscious of the calories but possibly perfect as a treat after lent…..


7 ideas for Fillings used in Cake Decorating

Part of cake decorating is deciding on a suitable filling. When filling a cake consideration needs to be given to the occasion, the guests that may eat it and the type of cake. Some cakes are better suited to be refrigerated and others can be left at room temperature.

Here are some ideas that can be used to fill a cake:

1) Buttercream icing – This is essentially unsalted butter and icing sugar combined to create a smooth mixture which you can then add different flavours to according to the flavour and style of cake. Use melted chocolate, coffee, lemon, orange, almond essence, vanilla essence. A combination such as coffee and chocolate can be used and to add a nutty flavour why not try chopped hazelnuts which also add a different texture.

2) Jams are always a popular choice, any flavour will do. Those with high fruit content have a more intense taste. Often jams are used in combination with buttercream especially is traditional victoria sponges.

3) Whipped cream can be used on it’s own or combined with chocolate, fruit and nuts.

4) Chocolate mousse

5) Vanilla custard

6) Melted marshmallows combined with a little milk, butter and icing sugar

7) Use liquid coffee, lemon, orange or liqueurs brushed over the cake surfaces before filling or icing to create a moist cake enriched with the flavour of the filling.


Cakes using cream or fruit need to be eaten on the day or very soon after and put in the fridge  until required.


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